This is to advise and confirm to the members of Pissouri Residents Association Plus (PRA+), 
The sequence of actions to be taken when requesting emergency medical assistance as part of the scheme.
There have been a number of occasions when a delay has occurred in providing emergency medical assistance
as part of the PRA+ scheme due to the calls being made direct to the
emergency ambulance call centre, essentially bypassing the on call emergency responder.

This has led to the cause of the delay in providing emergency medical assistance.
Please note the following points and procedures:-

The emergency ambulance call centre will not mobilise and ambulance
unless the call is initiated by the on call emergency responder or the PRA+ Co-Ordinator.

The on call emergency responder is also able to contact a medical doctor who is available 24/7 and will attend within minutes if deemed necessary.

Just to confirm, the PRA+ scheme provides a 24/7 medical emergency response as follows:

1:- On call emergency responder.
2:- On call medical Doctor.
3:- Emergency ambulance (Paramedic/Nurse Uk Qualified)

If you require emergency medical assistance as part of the PRA+ scheme you must first call emergency helpline number 97836222

This number is located on the back of your Pissouri Residents Association membership card labelled Emergency Helpline
In the unlikely event you cannot get through on this number you can also call the Co-Ordinator on 97836345.

Time is critical when someone needs emergency care, following the correct procedure means that we will get to you as quickly as possible.